Master Reader

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Holy Bible copyRecently at a luncheon I was talking with the assistant of a prominent executive.  This assistant is a lovely and efficient lady who has been active in her significant position for many years and is well known for doing her work well.  I asked her how she did what she does with such consistent success.  “It’s very simple,” she said. “I am a reader.”  “What do you mean?” I asked.  “I read him,” she said pointing to her employer sitting near her at the table.  “That’s my job.  I read him, I learn his intentions and I support them.  We get along very well.”  And she grinned at me, “and I like my job, and protect it.”  For just a moment I thought she might have thought me an intended replacement, but part of her success story was trusting her position.  She assisted her employer because she “read him.”  She served him by reading his intentions.  It may have taken years of watchfulness, but she liked her job!  The Holy Spirit indwells us that we, who serve the Lord, may read His intentions, that in the time spent in fellowship we will know His will and do it joyfully.  God is not a difficult Employer, but serving Him well takes concentrated reading.  Oh, Lord, see that I read You clearly today and I will serve You with joy.  And I say to anyone or anything that might distract me from my service, “I like my job and will protect it.”  To paraphrase Psalm 9:10; and those who put their trust in Thee have learned to read Thee well.


No Expiration Date


It was a massive undertaking, but I undertook it.  Its time had come.  It was the hour for clearing off my desk.  You people gifted at birth with the spirit of organization, who never come from the dryer with one unmatched sock, who never see a lopsided stack of papers as a reasonable file, who never consider the middle of one assignment as cue for the next duty will not fully understand the condition of my desk.  Let me state it simply, if I had been burglarized I would not have known it until after the spring thaw.  To this task of discovery I set my mind.  Notes from playwriting, empty envelopes, scrawled addresses, a broken pencil sharpener, twelve, yes, twelve inkless, useless writing pens – all were swept into the trash.  Found: one long-sought for diskette, a favorite hair clasp, a small address book, and a certificate for a free manicure and pedicure!  My fingers played piano on the little certificate, my toes danced with the thought.  Free treatment!  Then I noted the small print on the lower left-hand corner, my wondrous gift certificate – had expired!  Shame!  Pain!  And – application.

Today is a gift from God.  It is His lavish opportunity.  Do not let it expire without full use of its giftedness.  Today is the day of claiming God’s perfect will, praising Him, serving Him sharing His Good News!  God and His unfaltering love will never expire.  Praise the Lord!  But today’s opportunity will fold into tomorrow, so claim its free gifts with happy fingers and toes so tomorrow’s discovery will be free of regret.

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