His Eye is on the Toady

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When I was a little girl we lived in San Angelo, Texas and in that dry and dusty area, I loved to catch horned toads.  One little toad was kept with care, love and regular feeding in a brown carton on the front porch.  The air holes were regularly used as exit channels, so there was quite a turn-over in the brown carton’s occupancy.  However, each one was called Toady.  One afternoon I was playing on the porch and the green glider swing fell off its base knocking me to the floor, a large shelf of potted plants onto the carton and somehow twirling a wicker rocker down the steps into the front yard.  The sounds were major and my mother came running from the house.  She had to grope through broken flower pots, the upturned swing and fragments of the shelf to find me.  As she picked me up, my eyes went to the brown carton now lying quite flat.  Sobbing from my own hurt, I said, “Ppppoooor liiitttle TTToooaadddy!”  Well, poor little Toady exhibited a distinctive capacity for enduring under stress and hopped away happy to be free.  But in a way I had personalized contact with a creature for whom I felt concern.  Life is made up of dilemmas.  More than porch swings go off their rockers.  It is good to know that God has powerful love for His little creatures in brown paper cartons.  In the major disturbances of the world today, be assured, God loves you and keeps His eye on you in the midst of the turmoil.  Have a good day, little Toadys!

Exercise Praise in the Dry Times

It was a matter of rendering a clock operative.  It stood on the library shelf attractive and satisfying, unless you wanted to gain from it the correct time – or any time for that matter.  It didn’t work, tick or move its graceful little hands.  I took it from the shelf, pried out its back cover and removed its aged battery.  Then after seeking through the various places batteries might live in my disorganized house, I found a package of triple A batteries and applied one to the clock.  Still stillness – no ticking.  I tossed out the battery and applied the second one, still no ticking!  I cried out to my husband, “We must go to the store to get more batteries.”  It rang an echo, “More!”  We’re always crying out for more of everything – including faith.  Oh, God, this crisis is major, give me more faith!  If only I had more faith to get me through this!  Other people have more faith than I do!

Gathering the pieces of my tickless clock and failing batteries I tried again to apply one triple A battery to the clock.  I flipped the little battery so that its round bump on the bottom fit into the hollow place in the working center of my clock and learned a wonder-filled thing; placed properly, the battery sent my clock into an enthusiastic ticking!

What if the matter of faith is not the need for more faith, but for the proper use of the faith we’ve got!  Maybe a little faith placed properly in the conduit of God’s power will do wonders for clocks and crises and Christians who otherwise sit silent on the shelf.


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